Value of Online Press Release for Business Websites

Richard H Webb
5 min readSep 21, 2021
Online press release can generate necessary buzz about your company, product or event.

Business owners understand that they must make sure people know their business exists. This is why they spend time creating content, sharing that content on social media, and even doing a little marketing. All that work is necessary, but it doesn’t mean they should skip creating an online press release for their business website too. Many business owners consider writing press releases when they are promoting a new product or service. But most forget this helpful item when it comes time to simply promote their website and company.

Reasons Why Business Owners Must Learn to Value Online Press Releases for Business Websites

Announcing New Products or Services

A business owner may think that since they have been in business for a while, and they don’t have a new product or service to announce, that they cannot write a press release. However, if they would think carefully about this, they would realize that announcing their company’s website is practically the same thing. After all, if there are not a lot of people aware of the company, sharing the website through an online press release is essentially announcing a new product or service!

When it comes to an online press release, a business owner can easily highlight the features of their website, as well as the benefits of visiting the website. At the same time, the owner must include information about their company and the products or services they have.

Improves SEO

As everyone knows, SEO is important for any business. Any well-formatted press release will contain targeted keywords and links. Both those things can be quite helpful in increasing the SEO of any website. All those keywords and links can help a business owner’s website rank higher in search engine results. This will result in more traffic to the website and hopefully an increase in sales.

Increases Publicity

No business owner is going to turn down additional publicity for their company. Plus, since online press releases are normally shared, quoted, and even republished, the potential for growth is better than any marketing campaign. The best part is this extra publicity will result in additional clients for any business.

A More Professional Appearance

International, and national, brands all publish online press releases regularly. Any business that wants to appear in the same ranks as those companies should always follow the same guidelines when it comes to sharing press releases on a consistent schedule.

Increased Credibility

Credibility is a must for any business owner who wants to grow their company. Credibility can be gained through customer satisfaction. But the best way for a business to show they are experts in their field is by writing relevant online press releases consistently. This means that a business should not stop after they write an online press release about their company’s website. Instead, they should continue to share relevant information to increase their exposure and allow people to recognize their brand.

Once a business has completed a few online press releases, they can create a section on their website for all news related items. A business can also create a media kit that any interested party can download. The downloaded media kit can be excellent exposure for a company, because that information can be shared time and time again by multiple people.

Less Costly than Marketing

It isn’t surprising to see businesses spend thousands of dollars each year on marketing expenses. A business owner might see that money as a good investment. However, that is not always the case. Especially if they do not get a good return of investment like they want.

Writing an online press release and submitting it doesn’t cost much for a business owner. They can choose to hire a person to write the press release for them. But even the cost to have a press release written is going to be much less than any marketing campaign.

Online press release is an efficient way of getting the word out to a targeted audience
Online press releases are an efficient way of getting the word out to a targeted audience

Immediate Release Options

Back in the day, business owners needed to send any press releases directly to a journalist. If they didn’t know a journalist, because they were new in the press release world, then the chances of their press release being seen was slim. Plus, since journalists received thousands of press releases each day, the chances of any of them actually being released to the public was iffy.

Nowadays, there are quite a few PR distribution sites that business owners can utilize for their online press releases. They no longer need to know journalists personally, nor do they need to worry if their press release will even be seen, let alone distributed. And since these are online press releases, they will most likely get shared with more people than they would have via the news and newspapers. This is excellent news for business owners who are trying to get their brand recognized halfway around the world.

Gain Influential Subscribers

Influential subscribers are a must in the business world, especially for those business owners who really want to get their brand out to as many people as possible. Influencers are known for sharing brands that they love with their followers. So, if a business can increase the numbers of influencers that look at their website, they will have a better chance of having their website, and products, shared on any influencer’s social media pages. Most influencers subscribe via RSS, so an online press release should always include a business’s RSS feed information. A business owner never knows when an influencer’s post can go viral, but they will quickly see the results when one does!

Business owners must start to value online press releases for their business website for all the reasons listed above. There are numerous benefits of taking the time to write an online press release and distributing it. While there are many benefits, the main one is the additional customer base a business can have when they reach a larger audience. So, business owners take note… an online press release for any company’s website is a must. But don’t stop there. Stay consistent with sharing press releases and reap the rewards later.



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