Unlocking the Power of Brain Waves: A Fascinating Journey into Neurology

Richard H Webb
4 min readDec 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered where all your emotions and behaviors come from? Well, all those things are created by the neurons within your brain. The neurons create electrical pulses. And those electrical pulses form brain waves. There are a few different waves in the brain. Each one is slightly different from the rest. Today, I am sharing the five different types of brain waves your body experiences every day.

Brain waves — exploring the various brain waves and their purposes.

Different Brain Waves

Delta Brain Waves-0.5 to 4 Hz

The delta waves in the brain are loud and slow. Think of how a drum beat sounds. That is exactly what the delta waves would sound like in your brain.

You will experience these delta waves while you are in a dreamless sleep. Or when you are in a deep meditative state. During this time, all your external awareness is suspended.

It is also during this type of deep sleep that you will experience the benefits of healing and regeneration.

Theta Brain Waves-4 to 8 Hz

You will normally have theta waves in the brain when you are sleeping. However, it is also possible to experience these waves during deep meditation.



Richard H Webb

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