IGTV Versus YouTube

Richard H Webb
4 min readNov 5, 2021
IGTV versus YouTube — Post on who is king of video

As soon as IGTV was released by Instagram, a huge debate began. Questions were asked. Answers were given. And confusion was everywhere, as people considered IGTV versus YouTube. Some people were avid YouTube watchers and wouldn’t even think about watching IGTV. Others were excited about a new platform and hoped it was the next big “tech” thing. If anyone missed the whole IGTV experience. Or still has questions about the two platforms, as well as who is really the clear winner, here is what everyone needs to know.


IGTV is a video platform that Instagram created. Their goal was to grow in the video-streaming space. Instagram released this service back in 2018, as a way to enter the video-streaming world and outpace YouTube.

Anyone who wanted to upload a video to IGTV could do so through the separate IGTV app. Those videos had to be more than 60 seconds long to qualify as a video. People wanting to watch videos on IGTV either could download the IGTV app. Another option everyone had was to utilize the discover page on Instagram and select IGTV from the search bar. It was even possible for users to search for specific content or a specific video creator.

If a person started to create a post or story onto Instagram, but it was longer than 60 seconds, it would instantly be turned into an IGTV video. All IGTV videos are full screen, as well as portrait oriented. This is perfect for those who love watching content on their smartphone.

There have recently been some changes to IGTV through Instagram. The IGTV tab is no longer available. Instead, people are finding that IGTV videos and feed videos are being combined into what Instagram now calls Instagram Video.


YouTube is also a video sharing service. It was launched back in 2005 and has millions of users. Anyone can upload their own videos. People watching videos on YouTube can access them on their desktop, laptop, television, tablet, and smartphone.

Finding a video to watch on YouTube is as easy as signing in and using the search bar. Users can enter key phrases, a person’s name, or a specific topic they are looking for. However, there are many other ways YouTube users can access videos via this platform.

Most businesses and bloggers will embed YouTube videos into their social media posts, websites, and even emails and text messages.

One of the best things about YouTube is once a person comments on videos, subscribes to channels, likes videos, and creates playlists, they automatically get personalized video suggestions.

The Differences Between IGTV and YouTube

There are a few main differences that really stand out between IGTV versus YouTube.

  1. The Interface

As mentioned above, IGTV must be accessed via mobile devices. Therefore, IGTV is not as user friendly as YouTube when it comes to giving users flexibility with the device they use.

2. Uploading

All IGTV videos must be filmed vertically unless a person wants to edit their videos before uploading them. IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes long. While YouTube videos can only be 15 minutes long, there are a few exceptions. Basically, if a person has a verified YouTube account, they can post videos that are up to 12 hours long.

3. Finding New Content

Finding new content on IGTV is not as simple as it is with YouTube. Not as much content is uploaded onto IGTV each day. Over on YouTube, hundreds of new hours of videos are uploaded every hour of the day. This is major when it comes to the IGTV versus YouTube debate.

4. Monetizing Videos

No one can currently monetize their business using IGTV. That platform only counts views and likes. Over on YouTube, some users can monetize their channels using Google AdSense. Any user that wants to monetize their channel on YouTube must have 1,000 subscribers, as well as 4,000 hours of viewing time before they can start earning money.

5. Insights and Analytics

YouTube offers much more when it comes to insights and analytics for the videos on their platform. Over on IGTV, people can basically see the number of views, as well as the comments. If a person really wants an in-depth view of how their videos are helping their business grow, YouTube is the better option.

Choosing between IGTV and YouTube can be difficult for many people. This is especially true for business owners who really want to grow their business. From our viewpoint, YouTube is the clear winner, due to their platform having many more options than IGTV. This is why so many business owners choose YouTube marketing services to expand their customer reach. So, those people still considering IGTV versus YouTube, may want to keep that in mind.



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