Property values in California rise and fall according to the current economy and real estate market. This past year has brought increased property values, even though Covid-19 turned so many lives upside down. People who have lost their jobs are going to find that paying their property tax California is difficult this year. And other people will be surprised that their California property tax assessment didn’t decrease like they thought it would. While homeowners are being affected in so many ways, business owners are also feeling the heat. …

Richardson, Texas, city worker Kaleb Love breaks ice on a frozen fountain on Feb. 16. (LM Otero / Associated Press)

Texas is a state known for warm sunny weather almost all year round. Yes, this state does get a little snow on occasion. But the snow barely coats the ground most years. And cold temperatures hardly ever enter the state. This year though, the unthinkable happened when below freezing temperatures and snow slammed Texas with one of the worst weeks in history for the state. The extreme temperatures caused the Texas power grid to fail. Almost everyone in the state was part of the Texas power outage, which seemed never ending. …

Shallow breathing is caused by stress

Have you ever paid attention to your breathing? If you are like most people, you don’t give breathing a second thought. After all, you know you are breathing, because you are still alive. But did you know that most people spend a good portion of their lives doing shallow breathing? And that when you’re not breathing deeply, your oxygen intake is much lower?

How Does Shallow Breathing Affect the Human Body?

Breathing properly includes taking a deep breath using your diaphragm. Doing this type of breathing will allow more air to enter your lungs. …

Raising kids with Christian values may seem easy in some ways. However, as we all know, raising children is not as easy as it appears. Therefore, you should be prepared for a few struggles along the way. Especially when it comes to ensuring your children have all the Christian values you would like them to. Thankfully, there are many ways to share the Christian values you treasure the most. A few options you have include Christian books and bibles, Christian movies, and Christian apparel.

Raising Kids with Christian Values

One of the best ways to raise kids with Christian values…

Disney Hollywood Studios “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” — Image courtesy of

Orlando, Florida is known for its theme parks. After all, there are multiple theme parks to choose from. However, no Orlando theme park vacation will ever be complete unless you take the time to visit Hollywood Studios. This theme park offers thrills, chills, and so much more. Your days will be full with all the different Hollywood Studios attractions. And you will need to plan your time carefully, so you can see the Hollywood Studios shows too.

Check Out These Hollywood Studios Attractions

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

ou can’t spend time in Hollywood Studios and not take the time to…

Emergencies happen. And as a homeowner, you probably know this more than anyone else! While we can’t solve every single emergency for you, we can recommend a solution for a few of them. A home backup generator will allow you to have power during the times you need electricity the most. We’re talking weather related issues, natural disasters, and even those annoying unexpected power outages. Once you purchase a home generator, you will quickly see why it must be at the top of the must-have list for every homeowner.

Portable Backup Power Generator

9 Reasons Why a Home Backup Generator is a Must for…

Hey, what’s it like to be ranked #1 on Google?

Let me show you with this technology affiliate site. You see that it’s number one on this search term. It’s important to rank on Google for relative keywords on your website. You need a SEO agency who has the experience of providing SEO services to get you there, like us: Web By Webb Digital Marketing.

I won the bet, but wow, what that bet really started. We had been buddies since junior high school, and we were now in our early 40’s. We met yearly to do a guys weekend every March. As we sat in the Tampa airport waiting for our flights, we chatted about the high school basketball and football we played. Our egos told us we were not old and out of shape, so the two dreamed up a physical challenge for the 3rd to be completed by next year’s trip. Reuben and Gerald chose bodybuilding as my challenge. I had to…

What’s more cost effective? Ranking keywords on Google or advertising on Google?

In this short video I discuss why ranking keywords on Google is a better option than advertising on Google.

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