9 Reasons Why a Home Backup Generator is a Must for Every Homeowner

Richard H Webb
5 min readFeb 1, 2021

Emergencies happen. And as a homeowner, you probably know this more than anyone else! While we can’t solve every single emergency for you, we can recommend a solution for a few of them. A home backup generator will allow you to have power during the times you need electricity the most. We’re talking weather related issues, natural disasters, and even those annoying unexpected power outages. Once you purchase a home generator, you will quickly see why it must be at the top of the must-have list for every homeowner.

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9 Reasons Why a Home Backup Generator is a Must for Every Homeowner

  1. Loss of lights

There are many reasons why you can lose power at your home. It can be a scheduled power outage, a nasty storm, or a transformer blows. When you purchase a home backup generator, you will always have power when the electricity goes out. The Westinghouse iGen4500 will help you keep the lights on in these situations.

2. Prevent Major Expenses and Insurance Claims

When you lose power, your refrigerator and freezer will stop working. While you can hope there isn’t too much food inside, we both know it will always happen after you have been to the store. Instead of throwing all that food away, you can easily plug your appliances into your home generator. This will ensure your refrigerator and freezer stays running and the food stays at the temperature it should be at.

3. Keep Working Through the Power Outage

With so many people working from home right now, a power outage can wreak havoc in so many ways. Yes, you can call your boss and tell them you lost power. But you could also plug in a home generator like the Omega 288 and keep working the rest of the day. A home backup generator will ensure you do not need to use personal time, or work more hours later in the week, for a power outage that is out of your control.

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4. Keep Those Medical Devices Working

If you have an elderly person in your home, or someone who relies on a medical device, you must have a generator handy. Most people cannot live without their medical devices. And the backup battery on those devices do not last long. Therefore, when the power goes out, a backup home generator is the only option.

5. Keep the Water Flowing

Homeowners who rely on well water always groan when the power goes out. After all, they know that no power means no water. To keep the water flowing in these homes, a generator is needed until the power comes back on. All you need to do is plug your well pump into the backup generator and you will have water when you need it the most.

6. Keep the Water Out of Your Home

Okay, so we just talked about keeping water flowing into your home. But what if you want to keep the water out during a major rainstorm? This is when you will want to make sure your sump pump keeps working during a power outage. Failure to own a home backup generator will mean your sump pump won’t turn on during a power outage. And no sump pump could mean a houseful of water before you know it.

A home generator will allow you to plug in your smartphone and other devices to charge. You can also plug in your television or radio. This will ensure you can listen to the weather and the news for updates.

7. Keep Your Devices Charged and Playing

During major storms, you are going to want a lifeline to the outside world. After all, you will want to know what the storm is doing and what to expect afterwards. However, even a basic power outage will have you wanting to keep updated with what’s going on in your area.

8. Complete Those Activities Outside

Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to tackle an activity or project outside at home, but can’t, due to lack of power. Maybe you don’t have a long enough extension cord. Or you don’t have an outside outlet.

Well, a home backup generator will help in these scenarios too. They are light enough to move around to where you need them. Once in place, you can plug almost anything into the generator. This means all those home improvement projects you have been putting off can be completed. It also means those fun family activities are now possible! You can even take this home generator with you on the road for access to electricity when you are away from home.

9. Keep Your Family Safe

Power outages are the times when thieves come out and wreak havoc on neighborhoods. Since there is no power, these people have an easier time accessing homes without being caught. A home backup generator will ensure you can turn at least one light on in your home. This one light will deter a thief from entering and stealing your valuables.

While this is helpful if you are not home, it is even more helpful when you are. After all, thieves break in during the middle of the night when most people are sleeping. Therefore, we also recommend hooking up your security cameras and alarms to your generator when you go to bed.

There are so many more reasons why you must own a home backup generator. But these are the top 9 reasons why a home backup generator is a must for every homeowner. If you have ever experienced any of these scenarios, you will understand how much of a lifesaver a generator truly is. And if you haven’t, don’t wait until you do! We can tell you that there is nothing worse than having no power and no way to get any for the duration of the time it is out.



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